Bias in Algorithm

In an environment today of constant evolution, why are we still relying so heavily on outdated data? Although it seems like these societal changes have been happening for years, it is still relatively new. Most college age students have mothers that couldn’t open their own bank account without a man. These years of data that have been collected were made during a time with less progressive values. Now, during a time of serious progression, how do we expect that old data to reflect the values of today? Unfortunately, especially with an extremely male-forward technological industry, these algorithms are being manufactured, sold, and then silently wreak havoc and no one will know until the damage is done. As was drilled into our heads this unit, every single person is biased, whether it be conscious bias or unconscious bias. Even with extremely good intentions, serious damage could be done. Job applicants in every industry should not have to wonder if they didn’t get a job because they were female or LGBTQ or a person of color. The incarcerated should not have to suffer through a longer sentence because an algorithm decided that black people were more dangerous than white people. You would think that with all of the attention these biased algorithms are getting, someone would do something about it. Obviously, this industry and society in general still has some large steps to take towards equality.

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